Michael Hurl

Founder & CEO
Asset Protection Security Services Inc.

Email: mike@assetpss.com


Technically astute, tactically proficient, and service-focused are just a few of the words most often used to describe Michael Hurl. As the founder and CEO of Asset Protection Security Services Inc., Michael leverages over two decades as a skilled law enforcement and security operator and expert, along with his proven expertise as an accomplished entrepreneur, to deliver the highest quality of results to his clients. He is a calm, confident, and skilled professional driven by getting quality results for clients and building business relationships based on trust and integrity.

Michael is a native of Alabama and a lifelong resident of Missouri. He attended Missouri Western State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He began his professional career with the Platte County Sheriff’s Department, where he graduated number one from the police academy, winning 13 awards out of a possible 14 conferred. He went on to serve as a detention deputy and patrol deputy, where he learned all aspects of his roles and excelled in challenging situations. Subsequently, he was promoted to the narcotics division as a detective. Michael specialized in investigation and undercover operations to prosecute street-level narcotics traffickers. As his career grew, he took on the assignment as a member of the department’s SWAT team, where he continued to build his expertise.

As his career progressed, he worked with multiple distinguished security companies, expanding his skills and expertise in security, physical security, and protection operations. Through these experiences, he took on the challenges of entrepreneurship and founded his own business with Absolute Alarms and ultimately in his current role with Asset Protection Security Services. Always looking to expand and build on his extensive knowledge base, Michael has earned invaluable expertise providing security in the cannabis industry. Because of the industry’s sensitivity and unique threat posture, he has passed all the extensive background investigations and become one of the more experienced, knowledgeable operators in the arena.

Throughout his career, he has acquired an expansive knowledge and understanding of operations from extensive training courses. These events include training in courses at the local, state, and federal levels. Most notably, he has attended training led by the Navy SEALS, ATF, and DEA. This has positioned him as a truly experienced and knowledgeable subject matter expert. Michael combines his extensive training record with a passion for business development to position himself as a leader in the industry.

In his free time, he enjoys bodybuilding, exercise, and playing golf. He is committed to quality family time and is the proud father of two sons.








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